Here’s a quick listing of all of the Singlespeed albums that you can download directly from Bandcamp, our favorite digital distributor. If you want to hear more of an album, get individual tracks or the whole thing, click on the links in the players.

Gold Age.

The debut album by Gold Age, the Oakland based quartet of Aram Shelton, Mark Clifford, Safa Shokrai and Britt Ciampa. An album of avant jazz informed by the member’s collective backgrounds and mutual interest in challenging traditional concepts of jazz through the use of adventurous harmonics and inventive forms. SSM-016.

Shelton / Lonberg-Holm / Rosaly : Resounder.

Resounder is a hybrid free improvised / electroacoustic album by Aram Shelton, Fred Lonberg-Holm and Frank Rosaly. The three recorded improvisations at a session in Chicago, and afterwards Shelton added processing to enhance the material and turn it into something else. SSM-015.

Wrack: …Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire.

Kyle Bruckmann’s long running avant chamber ensemble returns with the core lineup of Bruckmann (oboe, english horn), Jason Stein (bass clarinet), Jen Clare Paulson (viola), Anton Hatwich (bass), and Tim Daisy (percussion) joined by Darren Johnston (trumpet) and Jeb Bishop (trombone). SSM-014.

Ton Trio II: On and On.

Ton Trio II with Aram Shelton, alto saxophone; Scott Brown, bass; Alex Vittum, drums. They are an avant/modern jazz trio that thrive in, and out of conventional structure. Drawing from Shelton’s bright and even folk-like compositions, the trio weaves continuously through melody, rhythm, and texture with written parts that serve as entry points for spacious improvisations. SSM-013

Cory Wright Outfit: Apples + Oranges.

The Cory Wright Outfit is a quintet hailing from Oakland, California led by west coast composer and mulit-instrumentalist Cory Wright. Apples + Oranges is a truly modern album featuring eight tracks of advanced compositions featuring high level improvising. SSM-012

Aram Shelton Quartet: Everything for Somebody.

The Aram Shelton Quartet plays creative jazz music inspired by the likes of Ornette Coleman, Eric Dolphy, Charles Mingus, and the Art Ensemble of Chicago. Features Shelton on alto saxophone, and Chicagoans Keefe Jackson on tenor saxophone, Anton Hatwich on bass, and Tim Daisy on drums. SSM-011

Arts & Sciences: New You.

Arts & Sciences is: Michael Coleman-Keyboards Jacob Zimmerman-Alto sax, Flute, percussion Matt Nelson-Tenor sax, effects, percussion Jordan Glenn-Drums and percussion. SSM-010

Nordeson Shelton: Incline

An album of duo improvisations by Aram Shelton, alto saxophone, and Kjell Nordeson, drums. SSM-009

Nishi Shelton: The Sound is the Melody.

An album of improvised duets by the duo of Kanoko Nishi, koto, and Aram Shelton, soprano saxophone. SSM-008

Aram Shelton Quartet: These Times.

The Aram Shelton Quartet features Chicago-based musicians Keefe Jackson, Anton Hatwich and Marc Riordan. Related to the Fast Citizens (Delmark), of which Shelton, Jackson and Hatwich are all members, this quartet displays a musical range on their debut album “These Times” that encompasses free swing, creative improvisation, space & patience, and fiery energy. SSM-007

Berman Shelton Walter: Last Distractions.

An album of improvisations by Josh Berman on cornet, Aram Shelton on soprano saxophone & bass clarinet, and Weasel Walter on drums. SSM-006

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